Water Treatment

Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Solutions


Iron & Manganese

We have a number of catalytic media and supportive equipment for the removal of Iron & Manganese


Calcium based media increase pH and can be used to help with the removal of Iron & Manganese


Particulate filtration can be achieved with backwash or cartridge based filters


Granular activated Carbon for the removal of organics and Chlorine


Similar to softening but using a resin specifically designed for the removal of Nitrates 



An all in one cabinet design for use in domestic environments
From 6 Litres to 30 Litres


A wide range of sizes to deal with commercial & industrial flow rates – from 20 Litres to 1900 Litres


A twin vessel softener for continuous supply – from 20 Litres to 1900 Litres

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems provide a safe, clean and
economical method for the sterilisation of water.

They cover a wide range of flow rate requirements;

From 0.22m3/hr up to 18m3/hr
3rd party validated options

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis involves the forcing of water at high pressure through a semi permeable membrane to produce high purity water.

Domestic ROs

Domestic RO’s can be located under a sink to produce small quantities of water for drinking. The water is collected in a tank and dispersed through a dedicated tap.

Commercial ROs

Flow rates from 280 l/hr to 11m3/hr

– 75% recovery – High rejection rates

– TDS monitor – Filmtec membranes


Ion Exchange

– Softener resin

– Nitrate removal resin

– Mixed bed polisher resin 



– pH correction

– Turbidity media

– Iron & Manganese media


We have a wide range of components including:
– Clack valves
– Autotrol valves
– Vessels
– Brine tanks;

Domestic Brine Tanks up to 100 Litres

Commercial Brine tanks up to 500 Litres

Spare parts for all equipment supplied