Laighpark WwTW HV

Project Title



Scottish Water


HV Replacement

This project was identified as part of Scottish Water’s Wastewater SR15 Capital Maintenance programme.

This project was identified with investment needed for the works to comply with current Scottish Water Standards and Specifications and to ensure that the serviceability of the plant can be secured by replacing poorly performing assets.

Scottish Water engaged their wastewater
infrastructure alliance partner, aBV, to manage the overall scheme; the detailed design and delivery of the scheme was carried out by Ferrier Pumps….

MAY 2019



Project Specifics

Laighpark WwTW serves about 240,000 people in the Paisley and surrounding area, providing primary settlement, aeration and final settlement before final discharge to the White Cart River.

The works include the installation of 3 new switchgear assemblies to replace existing along with all associated LV & HV works, the construction of 3 new substation buildings and the addition of new asphalt lay-by areas to allow for local parking.

Scope of Works

Laighpark HV Project

In late 2019 we embarked on our HV upgrade project for a key client. We were contracted to build 3 new substations as the existing substation buildings and switchgears had come to the end of their service. The project was completed early 2021 (delay due to the pandemic). We thank everyone who was involved in the project and another project completed with no accidents and a happy client!

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