Hamilton WwTW Upgrade Project

Project Title



Amey Binnies


Wastewater Treatment

Ferrier Pumps were engaged to provide a full MEICA package for the removal of seven MCCs and installation of one new central MCC at Hamilton Wastewater Treatment Works.

This included installation and commissioning of the existing inlet plant process now supplied from MCC1003. Scottish Water worked with Amey Binnies to develop a solution due to the deterioration of the existing assets and plant failures.

Project Cost
£ 1

Oct 2021


1 Months

Amey Binnies


Project Specifics

This project provided the challenge of keeping the site fully operational throughout the project. During the HV transformer upgrades and removal of redundant MCCs, we installed temporary generators that supplied the new central MCC. This supplied the power to the full site, ensuring Scottish Water’s process was fully operational throughout the project’s duration. A hot swap from existing MCC to new MCC was required, migrating each critical circuit over one at a time, again ensuring this was commissioned and operational before moving onto the next. This process was controlled through various switching plans and electrical permits. This project included full system integration, commissioning and telemetry of the entire site.


Site Specifics

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Hamilton WwTW
Case Study