Smart Evo

Let’s introduce the evolution of our Smart Evo: the most complete control panel for sewage and pumping systems ever, made by Elentek. Born from the need to combine in a single product the functions of panels for clean water (emptying, filling, pressurization, etc) and sewage pump panels (emptying and sewage water) and to offer always more function, safety and control, SMART EVO raises the standard without extra cost! The control panels SMART EVO are made in an original Elentek thermoplastic ABS design box, watertight, self-extinguishing, IP55. Each panel has LED lights signaling voltage presence, thermal protection and motor running, a main switch interlocking door, pushbuttons for manual or automatic operation, level relay for probes volt-free alarm contacts. The users and external controls such as float switches and pressure switches are to be connected to the terminals of the main electronic board.