We stock an impressive range of valves, fittings and hose for all applications. Virtually every pump that leaves our warehouses will find itself being installed with an isolation valve on the suction and the discharge side.

Just as it is essential to select the correct pump for each application, then so too, it is essential that the valves installed in any system are selected for their suitability to the purpose they are being used for.

We stock, Gate valves, Ball valves, Relief valves, Check valves, Knife Edged Gate     
valves, Non Return valves, Solenoid valves, Diaphragm valves, tube valves, Three Way valves, Fire valves, Globe valves, Steam valves, Butterfly valves, Pneumatic valves, Marine valves, and many, many more.

On top of this we stock expansion bellows, pressure gauges, stop cocks, foot valve and strainers, and twin basket strainers as well as hoses for suction, discharge, food quality, steam, potable water, sludge, air, oil and chemicals.
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