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Ferrier Pumps ltd have been appointed the exclusive distributor for Robuschi Blowers, Compressors and Vacuum pumps.

Robuschi have been manufacturing their products in Italy since 1943 and have established themselves as a world leader in this field of technology.

Their products are found across a  wide spectrum of industry and their blowers are especially popular on applications such as Sewage Aeration andulation treatment plants because of their simple , efficient and world class reliability.

Ferrier Pumps ’s have put into stock over a dozen different Robuschi pump models of different sizes from the range, including the latest energy efficiency models which can cut running costs by up to 55%.

Ferrier Pumps have opened their new repair and service centre at Brook Street in Glasgow.

Brook Street is  located only a few minutes away from their Cumbernauld Road office .

The new premises of 3600 square feet are kitted out to allow full repair and testing of all types of pumps, vacuum pumps, air compressors and blowers.

There is a large car park at the front of the premises which will make it easy for customers and suppliers to make deliveries and collections.

New Repair & Service Centre in Glasgow

Ferrier Pumps ltd have signed up to become the exclusive distributors for IMP Circulator pumps in Scotland.

These circulator pumps are very economic compared to the market leaders but are fully compliant with all current legislation regarding energy efficiency.

They will be a great addition to our range of products for the Heating and Air conditioning markets and Building Services sector generally.

Our initial stock orders for our Aberdeen , Glasgow and Edinburgh depots have now arrived.

Click on the image to download the full range of IMP Circulator Pumps we have to offer


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MARCH 2017

Ferrier Pumps ltd are proud to confirm that this month the Caledonian Water Alliance have placed the first part of the contract for the above project with Ferrier Pumps ltd for the Whinhill Pumping Station (click here for drawing),

which consists of two 385 KW , horizontal split case pumps , one right hand and one left hand rotation. This will be one of many clean, potable water pumping stations Ferrier Pumps ltd has built for Scottish Water over the years.

Due to space constraints, Ferrier Pumps ltd had to design  a very unusual horseshoe shaped motor control centre to suit the station which also requires two very large, 8600 litre capacity surge vessels to accommodate the rising main conditions.

Every piece of equipment to be fitted on this station has been specified by Ferrier Pumps ltd to meet the highest standards and there is every reason to be confident that with the correct maintenance regime in place,

Ferrier Pumps ltd can ensure that this station will be serving the Scottish community, well over thirty years from now.

Kaim Water Treatment Works, Main Outlet.  
Another Scottish Water Project


Ferrier pumps Ltd are pleased to have been appointed the Tier 1 contractor for the refurbishment of The Balloch Road Waste Water Pumping Station at keith, Aberdeenshire.

This is awarded under the supervision of the successful Amey:Black & Veatch partnership that is overseeing much of the refurbishment work being carried out by Scottish Water all across Scotland at this time.

The work being carried out on Scottish Waters behalf, entails the refurbishment of the existing Spaans Babcock, Archimedes Screw Pump, and the supply and fitting of a new direct drive gearbox with  a new electric motor .

In addition to the above, Ferrier Pumps ltd have to provide over-pumping while the refurbishment work is being carried out.

Scottish Water also require that a new Motor Control Centre and Kiosk with a state of the art Telemetry  System is to be installed and commissioned.

In addition to the new electric motor, a rotation sensor is to be fitted to ensure that the screw can never be run backwards.

Archimedes was a brilliant scientist in classical antiquity who lived in Syracruse which was a Greek colony, on the island of Sicily He was a brilliant mathematician and he also invented a mechanical claw device that could lift besieging  enemy ships out of the water as well as a primitive solar laser that with an array of mirrors, could cause an enemy ship to burst into flames. He was killed when the Romans invaded Sicily in 212BC.

I am sure that Archimedes would be pleased to see his screw pump invention still being put to good use over 2000 years after he invented it !.

APRIL 2017

Ferrier Pumps ltd are again holding their annual fly fishing competition at Loganlea fishery situated in the Pentlands.

This year it will take place in June which should make a change from the year before which proved to be , one of the most bitter cold days in living memory.

Click on the picture to register for the Wilo Pumps sponsored fishing day  at Loganlea Fishery on 16th June this year. It is very important that if you wish to attend this event , that you fill the form in so we know who is coming, and what the numbers are.

Loganlea is a big place, so if you want to bring a guest along or your son or daughter, that is not a problem.  Our motto is, “The more the Merrier” and our aim is to see our customers and their friends have a fun day out, and hopefully catch a fish or two.

As everyone knows who has come along to this event previously, there is good sport to be had with some fantastic Rainbow Trout to be caught, and there are plenty of prizes so no one goes home empty handed.

So register now and tell, your colleagues.  Dig out your rods and reels, make sure they are in working order.

We hope to see you there on the day.



MAY 2017

A quick reminder that we are holding our annual Wilo rainbow challenge on June 16th
at loganlea this year.  We have had a good response so far but there are some spaces left.

Please click on the image to book your place.



May has proved to be an interesting month with some substantial orders won for several adoptable and some non-adoptable sewage pump stations for house builders right across Scotland.

The adoptable pump stations are very much like the illustration attached consisting of the wet well, a separate valve chamber and the control panel housed in a waterproof kiosk.

We have been building these pump stations for thirty years now without a hitch, and although the designs and telemetry aspects have got ever more sophisticated, the underlying principals remain much the same. If the correct pumps are selected and the pipework sized correctly, these stations will give many years of cost effective service.



One interesting project we landed was for the Bowerwalls CSO Storm Tank MEICA works near Barrhead , Glasgow.

This will be built again in co-operation with the successful Amey, Black & Veatch partnership.

The attached drawing gives you some idea of the scope of work which consists of the following;


The new works includes  screens for a 1 in 30 years storm over flow with an associated 27m  long , 5000m3 storm storage tank and pump station; The MEICA works consists of;


Supply, installation and testing of;


2 No 30kw Storm Return Pumps

1 No 7.5kw Scavenger Pump

DI riser pipework and support brackets within the wet well

2 Hydrok MecMex screens

Intelligent Motor Control Centre & Steel Kiosk




May was also a good month working with our partners Netzsch Pumps.

On two separate orders for different clients, we secured orders for four of their macerator systems and five of their progressive cavity pumps.

Over the years, Netzsch have consistently proved to give the best value for money in performance and durability for this type of product.

Their fast response compared to their competitors in this market also gives them the edge.

Their vast range of products gives end users a great flexibility when tackling difficult pumping applications.


Ferrier Fishing Day 2107 JUNE 2017

An interesting order was secured by our Aberdeen branch this month with an order in excess of £40k for spare parts for Robbins and Myers progressive cavity pumps.

These spare parts are used on offshore drilling  mud applications and are part of an order to refurbish R&M pumps that we supplied quite a few years ago.

The fact that this is the first order for spares we have received for these pumps proves how long lasting and durable they are on this application.

Prior to the client asking us to look at the problems they were experiencing with their previous pumps, they were spending an average of £25K per month on parts and replacements.



Edinburgh secured orders for two very large multistage booster pump sets , one supplying potable water to a factory, the other supplying process water in the same premises.

The client wished to have a worker standby, standby setup as any breakdown would cost an enormous sum of money in lost production. The pump sets are fitted with energy saving variable speed drives and are connected to the clients Process and Building Management Systems to allow 24 /7 monitoring of their critical items of plant.

 These pump sets, built to Ferrier Pumps  own specification have some additional features included into their design  which give enhanced reliability and their plug and play features also allows both on and off site maintenance to be carried out without the need for a qualified electrician to be present.


Our Glasgow office continues to make progress with the Kaim Main Outlet, potable water project that we mentioned in previous months.

 The next phase consists of the supply and installation  of the two Emergency Generator packages which will ensure that the public being served with the new drinking water supply lines will not have to worry should anything cause the power supply that serves the project, to fail.   Ferrier Pumps have supplied and installed many standby generator sets on various projects over the years, but we believe that the bigger of the two on this project,  is the largest we have installed to date.



Another order we landed this month was for two Hidrostal Super Betsy diesel driven pump packages. These skid mounted pumps are contained in state of the art acoustic packages

To make life easier for the operators working alongside them.

The Hidrostal pump design consists of an expanding Archimedes Screw and it is able to pump viscous liquids, slurries and pastes as well as solids.

Hidrostal pumps have excellent self- priming characteristics and cope well on snore duties where they can gulp air and even run dry for short periods.

Our client is using these pumps to handle a plaster based, cement like material for manufacturing fire resistant panels used in the construction industry.


Another success for the Edinburgh office was securing the supply and installation business for two Gorman Rupp self- priming pumps to replace some old Worthington Simpson vertical tank mounted pumps. These old pumps are a logistical nightmare to get in and out and require a crane to be hired in to remove and replace them after repairs have been carried out. The time this takes and the cost of repair prompted our client to arrange a site visit with us where we were able to come up with several innovative suggestions which solved all of our customers problems.

These pumps draw water out of a lagoon and circulate it  through the factory through a system of multiple coolers at a specialised metals casting factory.

The client was on a very tight time schedule where he could afford to shut the system down and also on a very tight budget, but he insisted on selecting top quality equipment for the project which could be easily accessed and removed for maintenance.


The answer was Gorman Rupp  who build very heavy duty cast iron pumps which are of a simple, but robust design, resulting in minimum maintenance and very low whole life costings.



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