At Ferrier Pumps we have built up over the years a large client base amongst the major shipping companies of the world. When a ship’s pumps are down this can mean expensive lost time in port while waiting for critical spares or for a replacement pump to be organised.

With our extensive worldwide network of suppliers, Ferrier Pumps organise spare parts, replacement pumps and even specialist engineers who repair and install pumps and associated equipment on ships all over the world.  
There are many marine pump manufacturers’ products that we stock and supply parts for such as Desmi, Jabsco,        
Hayward Tyler, Gilkes, Mono and Allweiler. We work with these companies on a daily basis and there are many more, obscure makes of pump, that we are asked to provide spares and support for.

Ferrier Pumps realises the need for a super fast service for the Marine Industry which includes organising deliveries of goods all over the world through tried and trusted agents that can negotiate customs difficulties, import taxes and other local obstacles, to ensure that we keep our end of the bargain and do our bit to get your boat back out to sea with the minimum of downtime.
Drawn from reservoirs, lakes, rivers, boreholes or wells, all water supplies incorporate some form of pumping equipment. As each building or factory has a different requirement for water, it is essential to select exactly the correct pump system. Packaged sets are the most comprehensive and effective solution to the problems of water supply. We offer a range of such sets, together with all necessary control equipment, for completely automatic and trouble-free operation. Our equipment can provide mains water facilities from almost any water  
source. Industrial water supplies pose similar technical challenges on a larger scale. We supply the full range of equipment, pumps and filters necessary to provide clean water to any kind of industrial or commercial building, as well as more specialised equipment where water is required as part of an industrial process.
In conjunction with Scottish Water's initiatives to reduce losses from leakage and improve energy conservation, we have in recent years installed major projects incorporating variable speed     
pump systems to maintain constant pressurised potable water for towns and villages. These systems automatically respond to the peaks and troughs of daily demand cycles. The running costs compared with fixed speed systems are greatly reduced, allowing these installations to quickly pay for themselves through reduced power consumption. From a single tap to a complete supply for an industrial complex, our expertise and equipment combine to ensure that your requirements are met reliably, effectively and in full.
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