Leisure is big business in the U.K. Although Ferrier Pumps is heavily involved in all aspects of the leisure industry such as H&V projects for hotels, sewage systems for caravan parks and chalets or just straightforward clean water supplies for holiday camps and golf course irrigation, we also enjoy providing pumping solutions for less run of the mill applications such as water flumes, fountains of all shapes and sizes, aquariums, swimming baths and saunas.

We have supplied and installed high pressure, high volume pumps for snow making machines, pumps to create         
artificial rain for movie makers, pumps to create artificial waterfalls and special effects for the theatre as well as pumps to provide animation to sculptures, enhance hotel signage and create fountain displays for ornamental gardens.

We are happy to discuss any aspect of your requirements that may arise from your need for pumping systems to meet the needs of the particular section of the leisure industry that you are involved with.  

Edinburgh • Glasgow • Aberdeen
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