There are many different types of filters. In line Y type strainers, basket filters, twin basket filters and others of the more usual types are covered in various adjoining sections of this website under the category of valves and accessories.

The type of FILTRATION applications we wish to discuss here are the specialist ones that we can offer in the forms of cartridge or bag filtration. We can offer cartridge and bag filters that remove particles below 0.5 micron in size and are used to ensure the supply of clean     
safe drinking water and clean water for industries such as electronics manufacturing, food processing, and paint and ink manufacturing as well as for general industrial applications, and re-claiming oils.

The filters can be used individually and also be arrayed in banks so that the fluid being treated can go through each filter, one at a time allowing each stage of the treatment process to be carried out by a different type of filter cartridge specially designed to implement each part of the process.
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