We supply and refurbish an extraordinary variety of fans and blowers, and supply an enormous quantity of filters for air handling units each year.

Almost any public building such as hotels, schools, hospitals, libraries and government offices etc, have ventilation systems installed which have fans and air handling units incorporated into their building services. We supply many of the Facilities Management companies that service these installations. Regardless of the make, the size, the age or the type of the equipment that is required to be serviced, we will source the correct replacement fan or consumable air filters for you.
As many of these  HVAC installations are being upgraded to comply with new legislation regarding energy efficiency and energy consumption, we are increasingly asked to supply variable speed drive systems such as the Danfoss VLT  systems which can achieve as much as 50% energy savings on existing HVAC installations.  

We can undertake energy saving surveys of your existing plant and would be pleased to be invited to make recommendations to upgrade the fans and pumps on any HVAC system that might benefit by having an energy saving variable speed drive fitted.
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