For applications requiring high energy efficiency.
Built to comply with the requirements of Category 5,
  as detailed in the water Supply regulations of 1999.

Ferrier Pumps have developed over many years a range of booster sets for potable water which not only incorporate energy efficiency and the need to meet WRAC approval but also reflect the practicalities of maintaining such essential equipment to ensure reliability for essential services. The design of our booster sets ensures that if any one major component fails, then built into the system is a standby feature that enables water services to be maintained, albeit at a reduced performance. The design of the system means that pumps and other components can be easily removed for workshop maintenance if required, while ensuring that the overall pump     
system does not have to be shut down, avoiding costly disruption, distress and inconvenience to end users.

Our booster sets do not incorporate PCB boards unique to us or come with secret factory  codes programmed and embedded into the control logic which effectively means you are locked out and limited as to who you can appoint as a maintenance contractor.
Ferrier Pumps ltd does not condone such practices.

The following design features should be noted in their own right and we can not emphasise too strongly that many of the design characteristics we build into our pump sets as standard do not appear in our competitors products.
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