At Ferrier Pumps we stock a selected range of portable air compressors which are used in garages, farms and small factories.  On more sophisticated installations, we supply to order, a much larger range of air compressor products, including industrial compressors which are of the centrifugal, piston or screw type.

These compressors are used in many industries to supply air lines in factories, powering air tools, hoists and winches, air operated vacuum systems and underground  ventilation systems in hazardous atmospheres.
These AIR COMPRESSOR installations are at the heart of a factories production capability and therefore the need for good quality reliability; high performance and energy efficiency is paramount.

We would be happy to discuss any air compressor requirement you have and are able to supply spare parts for any make of compressor and carry out on site maintenance to ensure your compressor plant operates at it’s optimum performance at all times.
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